AI for Proactive Cardiovascular Diagnostics

We Diagnose Arrythmias Heart Failure Coronary Artery Disease 

What we do?

Walkky is a specialized Artificial Intelligence software designed for early and practical diagnosis of heart diseases using ECG data, aimed at proactive patient care.

Who is it for?

Our AI platform is tailored to empower via SaaS a variety of users:

ECG Machines

Adding an accurate real-time diagnostic layer that empowers smart ECG machines to detect various types of heart conditions on the spot.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring Devices

Adding a comprehensive interactive analytic layer with custom reports to the device that covers a range of heart conditions far beyond AFIB.


Empowering the Primary Care Physician with “cardiologist superpowers”. Our AI platform provides decision-supporting tools to detect heart patients early.

Consumer Wearables

Consumer Wearables

Unlocking the power of wearables for patients and wellness enthusiasts. Our Bio-Semantics technology provides actionable insights everywhere.

The Problem

By the time you scroll down this page, another person in the US will pass from heart disease. Heart disease is the most prevalent cause of death in the US and globally, responsible for 1 of every 5 deaths, a death every 33 seconds.

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the opportunity

Cardiovascular diseases don’t occur abruptly; they develop over many years. Yet, they are frequently detected too late. Presently, diagnosis is a REACTIVE process. Walkky transforms it into a PROACTIVE one. We enable doctors and medical devices to deliver early diagnosis, promoting a healthier life for patients and cost savings for healthcare providers, all within their existing workflow.

Heart Disease Development
Heart Disease Development
Heart Disease Development
Heart Disease Development
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