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Understand the language of your heart

Walkky Saves lives by powering medical devices with AI capabilities that can detect and predict heart issues



No two people are alike.

Walkky analyzes the patient's ECG and builds a personal profile of the patient's baseline heart language



Based on the profile, Walkky predicts significant cardiac events and any abnormalities that deviate from the patient's personal heart health



Walkky will alert on any declining condition with all the information needed for the patient to take action and get treatment before something significant happens


Understand the language of your heart

Walkky is based on a novel method of bio-signal processing that we call Bio-Semantics™. Bio-Semantics™ principles are inspired from the field of natural language processing and semantic networks in the computer science discipline and brought into the medical data analysis arena. The essence of Bio Semantics™ is understanding the biological language of the heart in order to better diagnose and predict heart issues. 

We take heart signals and transform them into words, sentences and paragraph. We can then understand when the patient is at rest, when the patient is active and detect abnormalities that can be linked to a heart issue.

Powerful from the start, more personal every day

With flexible APIs and powerful AI models, it doesn’t take long to get started with Walkky. And with its built-in alerting mechanisms and actionable analytics, it doesn’t take much longer to integrate it with your medical device.


Robust APIs

Powerful and flexible APIs to stream ECGs, analyze and alert


Multiple Inputs

Whether you want to use a JSON representation, an image or a CSV file, we've got you covered


Powerful analytics to show the patient's heart health over time


Real-Time Alerts

Alert on medical issue so the patient can take an action to improve their well-being

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